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  • Puls4 Austria's next topmodel kimono
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Online Shop for Kimonos, Yukatas, Iaidos and Accessories.

Welcome to! Here you will find a large selection of premium Kimonos, Obi, Iaido, Yukata, Kanzashi, Geta and other Japanese fashion accessories for men and women. 

You can find our location on Neubaugasse in Vienna. Just click here.

 We are kimono specialists located in Vienna, Austria. Each year we receive two new collections of kimonos. Unique patterns and colors to impress everyone and anyone. We love kimonos and our customers do too, especially those who choose to shop with us. Customers will find only the best service at our shop and online. Birthdays, holidays and Japanese festivals sucuh as the Cherry Blosom Festival and the Summer Festival or just as a present with an exotic touch. We offer competative pricing in our shops and there are no shipping costs for our fans within Europe. If you’ve ever been to Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka, you can never forget the flair and style of the Japanese.

The Japanese kimono is a tradition that dates back over a thousand years, and is a popular part of this new multicultural era. Through the history of Japan and its traditions, each year you’ll find new creations and prints available online or in our actual location. If you look through our website, you’ll notice high quality photos that let you get an excellent picture of our exquisite murchandise.

We also work closely in cooperation with conventions, those interested in Anime and have participated with events and TV shows such as Austria’s Next Top Model Nippon Nation. 

We’re happy you’ve chosen to shop with us.

How to dress up a Kimono? Watch the videolink

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Info-Hotline: 0043-1-5231295